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The Health Benefits of a Pottery Class

I have received feedback from many of the students who come to the workshops about the health benefits they have gained through participation in a pottery class.


Exercise of Hands, Wrists and Arms


As the work is handmade and hand painted by the students using the various pottery techniques students with arthritis and limited movement in their arms have found that pottery is a good and gentle way of exercising their wrists and hands as follows:


Pinch pots – This is a very old form of pottery dating from the stone age. This involves using the thumb and fingers on one hand while the other hand holds the clay. This two hand approach changes a ball of clay into the shape of a bowl. This exercises the fingers and wrist.


Coiling – This involves rolling the clay into long lengths of clay. You have to use both of your hands stretching them backwards and forwards which exercises your arms along with your hands and fingers.


Slab Work – This uses a rolling pin to roll the clay flat exercising your arms.


By gradually building up these techniques you can improve wrist movements and the strength in your hands fingers and arms.


Stress Relief


It has also been feedback that it helps with stress. The classes have a relaxing atmosphere where you can completely switch off while focusing on your pottery work. It slows you down, relaxes you and helps you to forget your everyday problems. The students have said that it is very relaxing but the time goes very quickly and each student works at their own speed.



As working with clay gives the participants something to focus on at a moment in time it helps them to relax the mind and increases the quality of life and enjoyment. The feedback from the carers has been very positive.


Special Needs


With the help and guidance given in the class the student can have a space of their own to explore through the use of clay and see their capabilities. They have the ability to focus on their work. This caters for all ages.